Sunday, October 20, 2013

day of the dead cake

With butter in hand hubby went to work on the very important task of greasing and flouring our skull cake mold from Williams and Sonoma. Paying careful attention to the eyes and nose he quietly worked while I completed the cake batter. After about fifteen minutes he was satisfied. Coming to my side he handed me the red food dye he had gotten from the cabinet, "Let's make it red!" Well, how could I say no to that! Throughout the making of this cake he followed closely behind, cleaning up my messes, finding my lost frosting tips, and giving advice the moment I asked for it. Funny how a skull cake can make me love my hubby even more! 

For the cake:

I used the recipe that came with the cake mold with the addition of red food coloring. However, you could really use any cake batter you like! To keep the cake from sliding apart I used three wooden skewers and a thin layer of black buttercream frosting. For the design I used Day of the Dead masks as a model finishing off with a black buttercream rose (my very first buttercream rose ever!).

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